Despite a weakening health, Ellen lined up for the start of the World Cup Race at the Citadel of Namur. Typically this is a tough race with multiple climbs and terrifying descends from the Citadel hill down and into the surrounding woods. Untypical for this year was the dry track as hardly any ran has fallen in Belgium over the last weeks. In the opening lap, Lechner and Nash were the main actors on the stage. They took the lead and powered away from a group which was positioned slightly behind the two. Ellen was in that chasing group together with De Boer, Majerus and Arzuffi. Several flats and mechanicals played a key role and continuously reshuffled the positions at the front of the race. After a spectacular final lap and another mechanical for De Boer, Nash was able to take the last climb and the final metres on her own. She came in before Lechner and De Boer. Ellen was able to hold on to sixth place, jumping to third place in the World Cup Ranking.

Foto : Alain Buyck