Zonhoven : second Superprestige race and famous for the epic sand hills and typical crashes coming down the sand dune. Ellen did a great job and managed to stay on her bike, particularly during the first chaotic descent with several riders crashing and the crowd cheering massively.

Going down the hill and ploughing a path through the sand is pretty exciting !

Ellen and Sanne distanced the other riders who were held up in the downhill crash. Slowly though they were making their way back to the front of the race, distancing Ellen. While Sanne was comfortably in the lead, Ellen was fighting for fifth, sixth or seventh place. In the end she took fifth place. She felt under pressure in the uphill and running sections although overall she did feel good in the sand.

It is a fantastic race and I am so happy I’m back to dive into the sandpit again !

Next races :  Ardooie (20 Oct), Boom (22 Oct) and World Cup in Valkburg (23 Oct)

Picture : Bart Hazen/Cyclocross Magazine